Speed up metabolism and lose weight

Speed up metabolism and lose weight


Your metabolism is one of the most important things you must bear in mind in losing weight and burning fat so it’s important to speed your metabolism up. In fact, a slow metabolic rate can affect the way your body uses the calories and the energy you have taken through your food. If you want to lose weight you need to burn calories. Simple as that. So how do you speed your metabolism up?

Don’t worry! It’s not too difficult to learn how to speed your metabolism up. Actually, there are a number of ways to speed up your metabolism but your challenge is following the tips and guidelines below. A very good idea would be to get a friend to do the regime with you to help motivate and sustain you. If that isn’t possible, you might want to get a personal trainer to keep you going!

- Always have breakfast. Missing breakfast can put your metabolism into disorder. You may not feel hungry at that time in the morning but it’s important to have a few healthy foods to start your day. Skipping breakfast can also lead to eating too much during lunch, which will also lead you to put on weight. Moreover, do not skip any meals. This can also cause your metabolism to slow when we want to speed your metabolism up!

- Divide your meals into smaller but more frequent ones
. This way, you can speed up your metabolism and use up all the calories you have taken in for one sitting. This keeps your metabolism at a more steady rate throughout the day, rather than the peaks and troughs associated with three large meals. Overeating can often lead to excess calories not being used up by your body and stored as fats.

- Engage in high-intensity exercises. One of the top ways to speed your metabolism up to lose weight is to exercise. You can start with some cardiovascular exercises from simple running or walking to swimming or cycling. These are some of the simplest yet most effective exercises to help speed your metabolism up and burn fat fast. It’s best to do exercise early in the morning as this can help your mood and increase your metabolism speed for the rest of the day.

- Include weight training in your regular exercise. You can burn fat and lose weight fast by building muscle because it also helps to speed your metabolism up. Fat is burnt by muscles, even whilst at rest, so it’s a fantastic way to burn excess calories and lose weight even when you’re not exercising!

- Overcome and manage stress. Stress can very easily disrupt your metabolism, thus if you want to speed your metabolism up, you have to beat your stress first.

Some foods can also help you speed your metabolism up. Although the effect may just be short-term, it is still helpful. For example, spicy foods can increase your metabolism. Green tea is another metabolism booster that you can have and a good substitute for coffee.

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