Alcohol and Bodybuilding: Side effects of alcohol on bodybuilding

Alcohol and bodybuilding seem matchless words. It is also not a good idea that alcohol and working out for a muscular body. We're going to go over the side effects of alcohol not only on your fitness and your health but also on building muscle and bodybuilding management.

Alcohol and fitness

Alcohol and Bodybuilding

Many chemicals and hormones that are stimulated and release when consuming alcohol that could lead somebody could become alcohol depended. Just to be clear in this article today we're not going to be talking about alcohol dependency. As much as I'm going to be telling about the effects that alcohol has on bodybuilding, your fitness levels, and building muscle.
So let's start from the top - Alcohol and Bodybuilding. What happens when you drink alcohol? So once you drink the alcohol whether its beer or whether it's whiskey, it’s going to go into your digestive system. Now if you're trying to be a bodybuilder you're going to try to reduce your body fat percentage to a pretty low level and any kind of help that you can get for lowering your body fat percentage is a big deal.

Alcohol is very toxic to our bodies. Our body's going to try to get that how out of our system as fast as possible. Which means getting out that alcohol f om the system is going to be the number one priority of your digestive system.

Organs which are used for breaking down fat and getting that out of your body, such as your liver, now those organs are going to be responsible for getting that alcohol out of your system. Which means you’re going to be burning nowhere near the same idea that you would be if you weren't drinking alcohol.

A lot of people have the belief that one doesn't have the same negative effect on the body as other on drinking alcohol. But the fact is that three glasses of wine will stop the process of fat burning for 10 hours. Certainly, it is not a small period for burning of fat. It's very bad for you and it also obstructs to use an absorption of your micronutrients.

So during this period, you're not going to be able to absorb as many vital vitamins and minerals which you may be able when you don't drink alcohol. It doesn't stop there. Alcohol also inhibits the use of your macaroni cheese as well so carbs and protein which can be used for the building of your muscle. It is not going to be used anywhere. All these are lead to lowering down your testosterone levels as well as your growth hormone levels. Both of these are responsible for building muscle strength and bone density. Anything about the option is that you need a huge increase in high leucine food.

If you are not addicted and drink alcohol occasionally it's not going to change your testosterone levels in a way that impact your muscle recovery to such a large degree that you're going to see drastic changes. However, as far as growth hormone is released that night when you sleep which is the time that your body is most active in repairing your muscles, your body is not going to be recovering the same that it normally does when you sleep after a night of drinking.

Side effects of alcohol

Side effects of alcohol

An easy way to look at what alcohol does to your body as far as building muscle is to think of it like this. I'm at the bar, I have a couple of drinks, that alcohol enters into my digestive system to make a long complicated process. Blood cells will carry that alcohol throughout all the different cells, muscles and organs in the body. I'm sure everyone reading this article has gone a cut before and they have used alcohol to sterilize that cut. It is obvious that it burns like heavily because it kills almost everything on that cut. Now think that your blood is carrying that alcohol into your muscles. What will be the effect on your muscles which are torn from exercising? It will surely be going to affect your recovery. Those muscles there expecting protein and carbs and things that are going to help them to rebuild and refuel. Now they're getting alcohol that's being carried over to them by blood cells and it will carry all those other good things.

I would like to get a little bit more in depth of why those muscles are not going to grow. A lot of it has to do with the fact that protein synthesis is disrupted. What is protein synthesis? It is the conversion of protein from the food that you eat into muscle and it is very important for muscle growth. Nobody wants to be do anything that's going to block it. BC double A's or branched-chain amino acids are the building blocks of protein and one of the main branch chain amino acids that are affected by drinking.

I can understand that people are still going to continue having drinks. In fact, I'm one of those people. I do have a drink occasionally. As long as you drink in a controlled manner you can still build some muscle. Some things you can do to minimize the effects of alcohol on your results take nutritional supplements, vitamins and minerals that you'll be losing when drinking. Supplement some high leucine food right before bed after drinking. Leucine foods include cheese, soybeans, seafood, beef, chicken, nuts, seeds, fish, and beans. Leucine is an amino acid which can stimulate muscle growth and also helps to prevent the deterioration of muscle.

Hydration is very important and there are many studies done to prove the titrations effect on performance. So if you don't want to wake up the next day hangover and ruin your workout make sure you have lots of water.

In the case of alcohol and bodybuilding, please keep above information in mind and if You're planning a drink tonight take it easy on the drinks.

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