Wrinkles : Prevent wrinkles around the eyes with natural ingredients

Tips to Prevent Wrinkles around the Eyes

Perform the following treatments to make the skin around the eyes look healthier and brighter. Skin care around the eyes is often forgotten. Makeup with eyeliner and eye shadow gives some good look but wrinkles are under-treated. In fact, dark circles, and wrinkles occur most rapidly in the skin around the eyes. There are some procedures and treatments describe in this article to make the skin around your eyes stay beautiful and healthy.



Antioxidants are substances that the best way to ward off wrinkles in the skin around the eyes. You can use creams that contain antioxidants to protect it from oxidative damage due to sunlight. Consumption of foods also contains antioxidants.


The Retinoids are vitamin A derivatives are clinically proven to make skin healthier. The growth of fine lines can also be reduced by retinoids. Use creams that contain retinoids at night. Because, if used in the daytime, the workings of retinoids are not effective. Read the directions carefully the use of retinoids, especially if you are including sensitive skin.


Protective cream skin from the sun, would you use every day on the face. But, the skin around the eyes is often overlooked. In fact, the skin around the eye, including extremely sensitive skin and need protection from the sun. Instead, apply also in the skin around the eyes, cream with SPF 30 every day. Be careful not to hit the eye cream, because it can cause irritation. Use goggles, as well as solar hot weather and you, have to go outdoors, to protect the retina of the eye.

Natural Peeling

To lift dead skin cells in the skin around the eyes, you can do the peeling with natural ingredients. You can use citrus fruits, apples, or yogurt. By using acidic fruit juice or yogurt, massage the skin around the eyes slowly. Not only remove dead skin cells but also makes the skin brighter. Do peeling, once a week.

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Prevent Wrinkles with Natural Ingredients

All of us desire facial skin tight and smooth. Of course, it is ideal because it will make us look much younger and fresher. Thankfully, nowadays it is not difficult to get the skin taut and wrinkle-free. There are many natural ingredients are easy to find around us, which can be used to prevent wrinkles on the face. Well, in this article, we will discuss the use of coconut oil, honey, and bananas to tighten our face.

Coconut oil

Coconut oil is very good to lift dry skin that causes wrinkles. Quite easy to do, namely by applying warm coconut oil to the surface of the face. You may do this process as many times as needed to retain the firmness of our skin.


Honey is widely available and it is able to eliminate wrinkles. All we have to do is just putting a little honey to your face and leave it for 25-30 minutes. After that, wash your face using warm water. Then take the ice and wipe it on the skin covered with honey.

Remember, before doing this treatment, the face should be washed first with lukewarm water. This will make the honey worked better because of the pores of the skin in an open state.


Using the fruit as the cream is the most effective and natural way to get rid of wrinkle. Simply mash a banana or two until crushed and soft like cream. Apply it to the entire surface of the face. Keep for 30 minutes, and then wash with warm water. Slap your skin lightly and do not wipe it until dry.

Good amount of sleep,  nutritious food and by avoiding smoking will help to keep wrinkles away.

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