Muscle Building Workouts At Home

Building muscle mass from a simple home workout

muscle workout home 

Muscle building does not just have to be done by gym users and you can build massive amounts of muscle in the borders of your own home. I have been doing home workouts for a while now and you can achieve excellent results in building muscle mass from a simple home workout.
If your goal is to build more muscle then you will need some strength building equipment that will help you add resistance to your body which will make you work harder and in turn build more muscle.
The principles of how to build muscles at home are the same as when you use a gym, and before I show you some of the great workouts, you can choose to build more muscle we are going to look at the 3 elements of muscle building.

You have probably heard of the fire triangle which relates to 3 elements you must have in order for there to be fire and if one of these is taken away then the fire will go out.
Oxygen + Fuel+ Heat = Fire

This principle can be related to muscle building workouts and I have come up with what I call the muscle building triangle.

There are 3 basic parts to the Muscle Building Triangle.

Each one of these needs to be completed in order to build muscle and change your body. Imagine that each of the above words makes up one side of a triangle.
If one of these elements is missing then the triangle is incomplete and then you will see little or no results. If you want to know how to build muscles then you need to know how to make the most of these 3 elements of the muscle building triangle.


Training is vital to building muscle; it's what makes your muscles grow. Progressive resistance training will give you consistent gains in strength.

It is important that you follow a training routine that suits your goal. If your goal is to build muscle then there is no point in following a routine more geared towards fat loss. There are some great muscle building workouts below that will help you pack on the size and strength you want.

Your muscle building workouts should be varied and interesting if you do 12 weeks of doing the same old routine with the same sets and reps you will quickly get bored. It's not just your mind that gets bored either. Your body will get used to the same workout after a while and it will no longer be as productive. For this reason, I recommend changing your routine every 6 weeks or so. The change does not have to be drastic and it can be as simple as shortening a rest period or swapping an exercise. Your muscle building workouts should be challenging and intense and you should be giving your muscles a reason to grow. Just throwing a set of dumbbells around with little weight on them is not how to build muscles, in fact, this is more how to get an injury.


Another vital piece of the puzzle. It doesn't matter how hard you train, if you are not feeding your muscles with the nutrients it needs then you will not build muscle. Nutrition counts for around 70% of muscle building success and if you want to know how to build muscles then keep reading. If we go back to the fire theme, there is no fire without fuel and think of muscle building as fire and proper nutrition as fuel.
On this site I have provided you with some excellent information on nutrition and meal plans, you can use the navigation bar on the right or search box to find these.


Without willpower and a strong desire to succeed you will fail, it's simple really. You have to want your goals so bad that you will let nothing stop you from achieving them.
It is all very well working out and eating healthy foods, but if you have a half-hearted workout, miss gym sessions and are don't stick to your meal plans then you are set up for failure.

You have to really want to achieve your goals and have the desire to do so. Without it, this element is missing and the Muscle Building Triangle is incomplete.


Starting your muscle building workouts plan is the hardest part. Research suggests that your body takes around 30days to form a new habit. With this in mind, it suggests that your first month of switching to a new lifestyle is the hardest.

You will not gain muscle overnight but stick to your plans and you will get there.

Goals, strategies, motivation, and dedication are essential, but it is also important to rest. Muscle growth takes place when your body is having a period of rest. So make sure that you get plenty of rest. Long periods of stress and hard work can be counterproductive.

A relaxed mind can tap into sources of energy and effort that tension will close off for you meaning a more productive workout.

This relaxation should not just be a momentary help in times you need it but it should become a way of life. When you take time to relax you take the pressure off your mind and body. You should take the time to de-stress after each day. You can do this in a variety of ways and each person will relax in different ways.
Remember by starting weight training you are learning new skills and learning is a process. It will gradually become part of you as you persist and remain consistent with your workouts.

Some Quick Motivational Tips

Keep a Training Journal
This will provide evidence of your progress, which will result in more motivation. This is a great way to track your goals.

Take Photographs and Measurements
You should take photos of yourself every couple of weeks, this will help you to see how far you have come and given you a visual representation of your progress.

Look At Your Friends
You need friends who are going to encourage you, support you throughout your training program, and not pressure you into eating junk foods, skipping training and getting wasted at the weekends.

Reward Yourself
After each week is finished or each goal is met you should treat yourself with something you like doing.

Many lifters jump the gun when starting muscle building workouts for the first time they follow the routines advertised in muscle magazines which are only good if you are superhuman or on a cocktail of performance-enhancing drugs.

The truth is you cannot train twice a day six days a week and expect to gain muscle, all that will happen is that you will overtrain and burn your body out.
You should only need 3 good high-intensity muscle building workouts a week in order to gain realistic amounts of muscle. I am not talking about 15lbs a week like some certain supplement companies seem to think you can gain. I am talking about an lb maybe more maybe less a week of real functional hard new muscle. This muscle will be yours to keep providing you keep up with eating right and training correctly.
There are hundreds of exercises to choose from when constructing a bodybuilding routine; we are only going to look at a few of them, to begin with. It is important to focus on compound basic movements in the early stages to build a strong foundation. Compound movements work more body parts than some of the smaller isolation exercises such as triceps kickbacks.
When I talk about compound movements, I mean exercises that work large muscle areas such as
Bench Press   Chest, arms, shoulders
Pull up             Back, arms, upper body
Barbell curl     Biceps, Forearms
Dips                 Triceps, chest, shoulders
Squats             Legs
These compound movements are multi-joint exercises that work for more than one muscle group at a time, this leads to a greater demand on your body. 

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