Fat Burning Exercises : 5 Minute Workout at Home

Fat Burning Exercises Covered in 5-Minute Workout at Home

Fat Burning Exercises

We live in a world of wanting things instantly. We all love the thought of fast food, no queue, and speedy service. The same applies to body transformation. Most people starting working out for a few days and then give up when they do not see results after the first week. 
Building muscle and burning fat takes time and its impatience that is one of the primary reasons most people give up after the first few weeks.

Another reason people end up giving up or not even starting in the first place is time. 'I don't have enough time' or 'there are not enough hours in the day' are quotes we sometimes hear people say when making excuses not to train.

On this page, I am going to share with you a great 5-minute workout which is aimed at fat loss. If you only do one set then it will take just 5 minutes to complete. Everyone can free up 5 minutes from their day so there are no excuses for not training. In fact, I think most people can free up at least half an hour a day of free time if they really looked at their lives and made changes.

This fat burning home workout is split into two parts with each one aiming at different body parts and can be completed as follows.

Monday: Part -1 
Tuesday: Part -2 
Wednesday: Rest
Thursday: Part -1 
Friday: Part -2 
Saturday: Rest

The secret to the 5-minute fat burning home workout is to not count reps. When you traditionally lift weights you normally count the reps and stop when you reach a certain number. With these circuits, you will be using a stopwatch to count time. There are 4 exercises with each one lasting 1-minute and a 1-minute rest.

5 Minute Fat Burning Workout Part-1

You should pick a weight that you will struggle to complete the minute for. If it's too easy then you won't get any benefit and if it's too heavy then it won't help either.

Part-1 focuses mainly on the pushing exercises and Part-2 the pulling exercises. It is important that when doing weight-training workouts you get the balance between the two types of movements. This is to prevent a certain range of motion from getting overworked and also promote even muscle growth.
The exercises that you will follow in Part-1 workout are as follows:

Alternate Dumbbell Chest Press

Grasp a pair of dumbbells. lie down on the bench with your back and hold the dumbbells a couple of inches over your chest.
Press one dumbbell up until your arm is completely broadened. Halt a moment and gradually take back stretched arm to begin position. Then do similar movements on the contrary side. Proceed in a rotating way.

Dumbbell Squats

Grasp a pair of dumbbells with arms completely stretched out alongside your sides, with palms confronting one another. Spot your feet bear width separated, with your toes pointed outward.
Brace your abs, drive your hips back and twist your knees, bringing down the body into a squat with your hands staying by your sides. Delay at the base, and afterward push back up to the beginning position.

Box Jumps

Stand with your feet bear width separated behind a high box. Get down while at the same time swinging the arms back so as to produce speed and power.
Explosively swing your arms forward and bounce onto the box. Land daintily with your feet hip-width separated. Stand tall over the box. At that point cautiously venture off the box.

Alternate Dumbbell Military Press

Grasp pair of dumbbells and remain in a shoulder width-position.
Clean the dumbbells up to your shoulders with the goal that your palms are looking ahead.
Begin exercise by driving the correct dumbbell up over your head...

Lower the dumbbell down and rehash with an inverse arm.

It is important to go straight from one exercise to the next without rest. It is this intensity that will increase your heart rate, oxygen need, and metabolism causing you to burn fat.

After you have completed one circuit you can repeat this process 4-5 times depending on your fitness levels. It might be that you can only manage 1 set, that's fine just try and increase the number of sets you do every week or so.

The only equipment you need for this workout is the following:

5 Minute Fat Burning Workout Part-2

On day one we looked at working the pushing muscles and combined 5 of the best pushing exercises into a 5 minute home workout circuit. On day two we are doing Part-2 pulling exercises and will use the same principles to combine 5 pulling exercises into a circuit.
The secret to these workouts is not to count reps its to count time and you should keep going until you can do no more reps within the 1 minute given for each exercise.

As there are 4 exercises with each one lasting 1-minute and 1-minute rest the total time for the circuit is 5-minutes, therefore the name 5-minute workout.

The exercises in Part-2 workout are as follows:


Your feet should be shoulder-width apart. Grip the barbell without moving your hip and keeping feet straight.
Before lifting the load, tighten the shoulders and press the glutes together to create power at the start of the movement.
Lift the barbell to the level of the hips and finally bend your hip and knee down until the point the bar contacts the floor.

Alternate Dumbbell Bent Over Rows

Bend forward over the side of the bench by setting knee and hand of supporting arm on the bench. Position foot of inverse leg somewhat back to the side. Take dumbbell from the floor.

Force hand weight to up to side until upper arm is simply past horizontal level. Return until arm is broadened and shoulder is extended descending. Repeat and proceed with the inverse arm.

Box Jumps 

As per part 1

Assisted Pull Ups

Bodyweight pull-ups are troublesome exercises that truly test the quality of your back and arms. On the off chance that you can't complete an assisted pull-up,  be that as it may, you might most likely complete an assisted pull-up, either by utilizing exercise bands or by utilizing an assisted pull-up machine. To perform assisted pull-ups, keep up your structure and ensure you're taking the necessary steps yourself as opposed to depending excessively on the assistance.

What makes this workout intense is going straight from one exercise to the next without any rest. This keeps your heart pumping and causes you to breathe heavily. This, in turn, forces your body to work harder and places it into fat burning mode.

After you have completed the 5-minute set you should repeat 4-5 times depending on your fitness levels. You can do just one set but you will achieve greater results from doing more.

Aim to do at least 4 workouts per week,. 2 part-1 and 2 part-2.

You should aim to fail on each set. By this I mean as you get to the end of the minute you should not be able to do any more reps.
The exercises should be done with a 1-second tempo. Take 1-second to raise the weight and 1-second to lower it again.

After your first circuit, you will be able to feel the difference, you will be sweating and out of breath and wish the rest period was longer. Don’t be tempted to rest for long as it will take some of the intensity away from the workout.

Try this Fat Burning Exercises for 5 weeks and see how you get on. You can combine it with your home ab workouts or other training to speed up fat loss even more.

As with all exercise, plans to get the best results you should be following a calorie controlled diet.

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