Carbohydrates: Why Are So Iportant.


Carbohydrates: Why Are So Iportant.

The body stores carbohydrates that you eat in the form glycogen in your liver and muscles. It also keeps a small amount in the blood in the form of glucose.

Why are carbohydrates so important?

Well, for starters it is your muscles’ favorite energy source. But since the body has only limited storage capacity, you need to take it on board regularly in order to keep these stores topped up. Failure to do this and you will feel tired and lethargic. This is no good if you intend on exercising. 

How much carbohydrate is enough?

Of your daily calorie intake, you should aim for about 55-65% carb intake. There is a way of determining your daily intake on the amount of exercise that you do. Find out your weight in kilograms and then follow the table below:-
Exercise - You Need
2-5 hours per week - 4-5g/kg/day
5-7 hours per week - 5-6g/kg/day
1-2 hours per day - 6-7g/kg/day
2 hours or more per day - 8-10g/kg/day
I run for a total of 6 hours per week and weigh 62kg, I will need between 310-372g of Carbohydrate per day.
Types of Carbohydrate
There are two types of Carbohydrate. Complex starches and simple sugars. The dissimilarity between them lies in their chemical structure. Starches are formed of lots of molecules joined together in chains while sugars are smaller, only consisting of one or two linked units. This type of carb has always had a bad reputation for giving a short, sharp burst of energy followed by a drop in energy levels so you become tired and hungry again very quickly.
Many foods also contain a mixture of starches and simple sugars. They may also contain other nutrients like fats and protein, or fiber.
A good way of determining how quickly energy is released in certain foods is to follow something called the ‘glycaemic index (GI for short). All foods have a GI number or ranking of 1-100.

This number is based on how quickly certain food causes a rise in blood sugar levels compared to pure glucose. Certain foods, those with a ranking lower than 50 are considered low-GI, those foods 50-70 are moderate GI and those that are 70+ are considered high-GI and should be eaten definitely in moderation. 
Carbohydrates: Why Are So Iportant.

Why a proper breakfast is important?

A high complex Carbohydrate start to the day is one of the most effective ways to ensure that you are not reaching for simple-carb snacks in the middle of the morning. It also helps to kick start the metabolism for the day.
Some people would rather skip this important meal for whatever reason they have but I would definitely say to them whatever you do this is the most important meal of the day. So if you are on a healthy regime this is something that you will have to get into the habit of doing if you are going to get it right.
I am a firm believer in the saying ‘Breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince, dine like a pauper’. And it is true, my husband always laughs at me because I am always repeating myself and telling him this but will he listen. And some people you just can’t tell but they will figure it out in the end but they will have to come to that decision on their own. If you keep this saying this sentence in your mind you will eventually stick to it and find out that you can become a ‘burner’ and not a ‘storer’. It’s just common sense, if you are going to be having your biggest meal in the evening how are you going to get rid of the energy that you just consumed. Your body will store it and usually it will store as fat.

It really is essential that if you are on a fitness programme you should be eating breakfast. If you really can’t stomach it just try having a small amount to start with like half a banana or a few spoons of porridge. The important thing is here you will be getting yourself into the right frame of mind to start having something to eat in the mornings. Once you have been doing this for a while you will be able to increase the amount you consume until you are ‘breakfasting like a king’. 

Carbohydrates: Why Are So Iportant.

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Quality Carbohydrate


Potatoes are a very convenient ‘nature made’ portion sized carb choice. Just pick one that is about your fist size so you know it’s the right sized potato for you. Potatoes go well with almost any protein portion. They are easily portable and taste great.

Brown Rice

The better choice of rice, perfect steamed rather than boiled. The main difference between brown and white rice is how they are processed. Brown rice burns much slower than white rice which means you will have more energy for longer when you eat brown rice.


This is my all time favorites complex carbohydrate. It’s easy to make, very nutritious, inexpensive and tastes fantastic. I add a spoonful of honey to sweeten it sometimes but mostly I add some fruit and nuts and enjoy it first thing in the morning and sometimes a smaller portion later on in the day.


A great low fat source of carbohydrate. Just be careful of portion size and be very careful about which sauces you use along with the pasta, no high fat sauces, butter or cheeses.

Whole-wheat Bread

Easy to use, fantastic combining it with a high-quality protein. Or have a whole-wheat pitta/tortilla with a portion of high-quality protein and fresh veggies.


Rich with nutrients and again nature packed individual portions. Very portable and absolutely scrumptious. 

So, I hope that this page makes it a little clearer about your carbohydrate choices. Complex Carbohydrate should form a larger part of most healthy eating plans. Starchy foods provide roughage without which the intestines could not work properly. If you are eating enough foods that are rich in complex Carbohydrate, you should have no need to take on extra fiber. 

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