Warm-Up: Prepare Your Body For The Workout

Warm Up - Cool Down - Stretch

Warm-Up: Prepare Your Body For The Workout

The warm-up is gentle exercises which prepare your body for the workout. It provides flexibility to your body. It prepares your muscles for stretching and making movement easier. Warm-up increases blood flow in your muscles and boost up the delivery of oxygen at a higher temperature. When more oxygen is available to your working muscles it tends to better performance.
Worm up prepare your heart for workout activity. As your core temperature increases, it paces up your blood flowing capacity and provides flexibility to your muscles, Joints, and ligament. Warm up also assist in mental preparation for upcoming activity by getting thoughts to improve skills and technique.
So, warming up prepares your body with required tuning for an upcoming workout by increasing your heart rate, breathing, blood flow to the muscles with more oxygen and flexibility.

Efficient Warm Up

You should decide adequate warm up so you will be able to perform your upcoming workout in a better way minimize the risk of hurting yourself. No theory shows how much of time you warm up before the workout. General recommendations are about 10 minutes though some require more or less depending on fitness level and exercise. Higher the fitness level, your body takes longer to warm.
Allow at least 5 to 10 minutes warm-up for general fitness but for higher-level work out you may need longer warm up.

Warm-Up Prepare Your Body For The Workout


Warm-Up: Prepare Your Body For The Workout

Warm Up: Jumping

Star with your feet close together and arms at your sides. Straighten your back and tighten your abdominal muscles. Bend your knees slightly and jump. With raising your arm over your head and land on your feet keeping some distance apart. Jump again and land as start position with bringing feet together and arm at side. Repeat exercise for half a minute.
This full body move raises your core body temperature and gets your joints moving.
This one is one of the best warm-ups for any workout.

Warm Up: Trunk Rotations

Standing in one spot, spread the feet separated and set up a strong base of help. Bring the arms up to the shoulder and turn the upper body to the one side and after that the other. Step by step brings down the body by twisting the knees and turning on the balls of the feet as you rotate from side to side. Perform around 10 to 20 rotation.
It increases blood flow and temperature, Improves flexibility and strength of the leg, shoulder, and core.
This move is best before strength training.

Warm Up: High Knee Pulls

Start with your feet shoulder-width separated. Pull one knee up towards the chest. Hold the knee with your arms for more stretch. Keep up for a while with keeping your body straight. Restore your foot to the ground and repeat with another leg. try 10 reps for each leg.
This move warms your glutes, hips, ankles, and knees. Also provides flexibility to hamstrings.
This move is helpful in any workout involves jumping.

Warm Up: Backward Step-Over

Start with your feet shoulder-width separated. Pull one knee up and rotating outward at the hip step backward. Repeat with the other leg. Go ten steps behind then turnaround and repeat.
It increases blood flow and temperature, Improves flexibility and range of motion in hips and provides strength in the muscles around the hip.
It is useful in any activity that requires balance and reaches.

Warm Up: Butt Kicks

Keep your back straight and lean forward marginally so that your torso is over the toes. Take jogging step and bring your heel up to your butt, Do it again and again with one after another leg. It should be looked like you are kicking your butt with your feet.
It is best for warming up your leg muscles. It increases blood flow and core body temperature.
It is useful in any activity that requires leg muscles and knee movements.
There are many simple movements for worming up. Neck tilts, neck rotation, torso rotation, side arm raise, arm rotation, chest expansion, hop on spots, side-to-side hops and many light physical activities used in warming up. Body weight squats, walking plunge, Pull-ups, and push-ups are also included in warming up before strength training.
Finally start slowly. Allow your body to loosen up and your heart rate to rise steadily.
Make sure to include the muscles in your warm-up for which you plan to use during your workout.

Cool Down

The act of Cooldown is the way of slowing down your exercise level. It helps your pulse and breathing to return towards resting levels bit by bit. It also helps to prepare your muscles for the next activity session. Gradually slowing down the pace of your exercise is a cool down process. Jogging for few minutes after exercise and starching are other options of cool down.

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Post workout, stretching is very much important for healing and flexibility of your muscles as muscles are still worm and respond positively. Stretching helps to relax your muscles. Stretch all muscle groups that you have utilized while exercising.

Calves and Hamstrings Stretch

Warm-Up: Prepare Your Body For The Workout

While sitting on a mat, expand the two legs out before you.
Lift up, turn out your left leg, and keep at the inside of right leg.
Bending from your hip trying to reach right leg with your right hand,
Hold the position for about 20 sec.
Repeat on another side.

Abs Stretch

Warm-Up: Prepare Your Body For The Workout

Lay down flat on your stomach.
Bring your arms closer to the side of the chest.
Push your arms to bring your chest up.
Hold the position for about 20 sec

Chest Stretch

Warm-Up: Prepare Your Body For The Workout

Star with keeping your feet shoulder width apart and arms at your sides.
Take your hands behind your body and interlock your fingers.
Open up your chest by slowly pulling your hands away from your body.
Hold this position for 20-30 seconds.
Post-workout stretches are very much beneficial. It prevents and eases muscle soreness after working out. Remember to stretch after each workout!

Warming up, Cool down and Stretching are three main parts of any workout.You will be able to achieve maximum from your workout by following these three steps.

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