Squat Exercise to Build Muscles and Get Stronger


Squat Exercise to Build Muscles and Get Stronger

Squat Exercise to Build Muscles and Get Stronger
A squat is the most powerful exercise for your leg muscles and it uses different muscles group. It is the best exercise to achieve your goals of building muscles and getting strong, looking better and get healthier, losing weight and get into the shape. All will be achieved more rapidly with Squat.
Squats are miraculous, but it is very essential to do correctly for maximum result. Done properly, squats help to enhance your adaptability and strengthen your lower legs and hips, which is another way they help prevent wounds. Squats additionally work your abs to help you along the way to a wonderful six-pack. Squats are a compound exercise which utilizes more than one joint (your hip and knee joints) to finish.

How to Squat

Begin by standing with your feet hip-width apart. Keep your toes slightly outward. Look straight and do not look at the floor or upward during the entire time you squat,
Put your arms straight and parallel to the floor. Keep your back straight and core tight. Keep your body weight on your feet mainly on heels and the balls of feet. Take a breath and move your hips backward while your knees start bending while lowering down keep your back straight and chest ahead, keep knees in line with your feet. Keep lowering till your hips go down to your knees.
From the bottom breath out, keep everything tight and go up through your heels.
Squat Exercise to Build Muscles and Get Stronger

Common mistake while squatting

Coming up on your toes while squatting 
Entire time of your squatting your heel should be kept on the floor. Go upwards through your heel and avoid all of your weight on balls of your feet and toes.
Not hitting depth in Squat
Achieve the maximum from squat your hip joints requires going below. Parallel to the floor is partial squat and above is putting a lot of stress on your knees and quads. This put extra pressure on the knee.
Knee Positioning in Squat
Your knees to follow along with your toes and it should not be on the outside or the inside of the foot.
Back Positioning in Squat
Your shoulders should be back and chest should be forward. Your body should remain tight and back straight during the squat.
Head Positioning
Don’t look upward or at the floor, look straight in front during the entire squat.

Unable to do your squat, don't worry!

Take the help of a small box or a chair. Do your squat as directed above with the help of an object which is as much of height that when you lower down and sit in your squat movement, your upper legs remain parallel or below to floor level. Keep practicing and you will be able to squat without any support system.

Squat Exercise to Build Muscles and Get Stronger

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Squat Variations

Squat jump

To get more advantage, and faster, add squat bounces to your daily workout. From the down position into a squat, go upwards by driving through the heels while getting your hamstrings, glutes and quads. Keep your back straight and land carefully.

Squat thrust

From a standing position, drop into a squat and put your hands on the ground before you, kicking your feet out behind you so you complete in a press-up position. At that point hop your feet back up to your hands and hold up.

Split squat

Putting additional attention on one leg with the split squat not just expands the advantages of crouching for that leg, yet additionally challenges your center security. From a standard squat position make one major stride in reverse, with your impact point raised so your back foot is on its toes. Lower gradually until the point when your back knee is relatively contacting the ground, at that point ascend back up.

Bulgarian split squat

Bulgarian split squat mainly targets hamstring, glutes and quads. It is a single leg Exercise. From standing position, start with front leg on the floor and second on the rear bench. Your back leg will provide balance and front leg is the main working leg, Get lower like deep lunge by keeping your chest forward. Return to start position by pushing front leg and keep balance through rear leg. Switch leg after rep.

Single-leg squat

Squatting on one leg significantly builds the trouble of the activity and makes it increasingly gainful to energetic sorts, since it reinforces the muscles such that will add more capacity to your running and make you progressively impervious to damage. Remain on one leg with the raised leg held somewhat behind you, and crouch as low as you can without toppling over. Hold the two arms out before you to help with your equalization when you first endeavor the activity.
From standing position raise one foot with your back straight. From this starting position go down in to squat with keeping your raised foot in the air. Go down slowly as much as your flexibility allows by keeping balance. Hold for a while and return back to start position.

Goblet squat

The goblet squat can be performed with an iron weight or hand weight, which ought to be held to your chest with your elbows tucked in. The cup squat is a decent path for amateurs to add load to their squats while guaranteeing they keep the upright shape, and goes about as a venturing stone from air squats to hand weight back and front squats. Keeping the load hidden from everyone else is additionally advantageous for your back soundness and center quality.

Front squat

The principle of compound lifts, the back squat does everything with regards to reinforcing your lower body, boosting the advantages of the development through the expanded test of the load. Begin with the hand weight laying on your back shoulder muscles, at that point bring down into a squat and power back up, keeping the load on your heels as you do.

      As well said Squat is the king of exercise. It builds your muscles and makes them powerful. It improves your fitness and body shape. Everyone should have squats in their work out program.

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