Plank Exercise : Best exercises for core muscles strength

plank exercise

Plank Exercise is one of the best exercises for core muscles strength.
There are very few exercises as powerful at building your core as planking exercises. It is important to know How to do Plank Exercise, What are Basic Plank Mistakes can happen, Variations of Plank Exercise and the benefits of Plank Exercise
Plank exercise has many more advantages than only strengthening your core body. However, it also works your glutes and hamstrings, giving you proper posture, and enhances balance. It is also interesting that planking exercise needs very little time. In fact, 10 minutes a day is the only requirement. No need for equipment and small space suffices.
Plank is a very important exercise for abdominal muscles as it engaged and strengthen all core muscles group and You will observe that in planking position your biceps, neck, and shoulder muscles are being used and stressed. In the plank start position, you are holding your body on arms and it will improve your bicep muscles.  While in down position plank exercise improves the strength of your butt and thigh muscles.

How to perform the plank exercise

From standing position get down the floor in push-up position.
Bend your elbow and hold under shoulder and rest your weight on your forearms.
Push your body up into upper back, keeping your chest straight and hard. Your body remains in a straight line from head to toes without bending and be looking at the ground. Brace squeeze  
Stay in this position contracting abdominal and pressing your thigh and glutel muscles.
Try to remain 20-30 seconds in this position. Give up the position when it is very hard to hold.
Take rest for a minute or two and repeat for three to four times.
By practicing, improve your Plank holding time.

Basic Plank Exercise Mistakes

The correct form of a plank is very important when performing planks and overdoing could be harmful.
If you have back pain or injury be careful while doing planks. In the start, try holding the plank position for few seconds only. By practicing you will be able to hold it longer.
Do not allow your hips, head, or shoulders to drop or bend.
Placing your hands too close together will create instability at your shoulder joint
Avoid holding your breath and take a slow and steady breath during hold position.
Be careful to avoid these common mistakes.
Instead of trying to hold the position too much of time, it is better to perform for a shorter period of time with proper form.

Plank: Best exercises for core muscles strength

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Plank Exercise Variations

Forearm Plank Exercise

This is the standard form of a plank. Lie down in push-up position with the extended leg. Bend your elbow under your shoulder. Squeeze your hip and contact your abs, Push your toes to carry your body and remain in a straight line from your head to feet. Hold as long as you can.

Straight Arm Plank Exercise

This plank did at the top point of the push-up position. Bend down with hands specifically under shoulders. Go onto toes, contract abs, and fix legs; keep the body in line from head to heels.

Side Plank Exercise

From plank position, press your right hand on the floor and turn your body so your weight is on the external edge of your correct foot; take your left foot in the air. Press your chest way up, expanding your left arm with fingers indicated the sky. Tight your abs muscles and support your whole core. Hold for 60 seconds, at that point come back to plank position and rehash on the left side.

One Leg Plank Exercise

From a straight-arm plank. Then lift right leg up and hold. Put it down. Repeat with left leg.

Reverse Plank Exercise

This movement is the reverse of straight-arm plank. Your face, chest, and toes are pointing at the ceiling. Balance the body on the hands and heels. Keep the body in straight line.

Plank exercise benefits

Plank is very well liked exercise for core strengthening because it works simultaneously on multiple muscle groups.  You will be able to lift more weight and Improves your sports performance. It burns fat and by strengthening abdominal muscles you will achieve classic six-pack
Plank exercise is also helpful in reducing back pain as your core muscles become strong a nice effect of it is reducing back pain. It also strengthens your upper back muscles which generate support for the entire back.
Improves your posture, Flexibility, and balance.
Correctly doing plank exercise will works on all the muscles you require to maintain a proper posture of back, chest, shoulder, neck, and abs. Strengthening all these muscles you will get very good flexibility and balance in your movements.
Two-minute plank test is an indicator of your fitness. You are considered fit If you can hold a standard plank position for two minutes or more. Keep trying to reach the mark to maintain your fitness, health, and shape.

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